Little bit about us!!

Friendly - Lots of churches say they are friendly but we really are.  If you want to make new friends and help each other get to heaven this is the place for you!!


Attire - There is no dress code but most wear what would be called business casual.


Denomination - We are overseen by local elders.  We do not have a direct affiliation with other Churches of Christ but we do fellowship at times with other local Churches of Christ. 


Music - We are accapella so that all can sing praises.


Bible  - We believe we should follow the Bible only, not man made rules.   God tells us to know his word, so we strive to study the Bible both together and individually, so we know what it says.


Luke and his wife Laura have three children.  Luke is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University (B.A.) and Heritage Christian (M.A.).  His studies in psychology, counseling, and ministry help him in many facets of his work.   He has served as a counselor, teacher, and director of Camp Indogan Christian youth camp for over 20 years.   You can contact Luke at the office or at (502) 640-4584.

Elders and Deacons

Jeff Blake


Jeff and his wife Vicki have three grown children and several grandchildren.  Jeff is active in teaching Bible classes and personal evangelism at Flanders. He is retired from Jeep and hobbies include woodworking and spending time with grandchildren. 

Terry Keefe


Terry and his wife Teresa have two grown children and several grandchildren.   Terry is very active in personal evangelism and spending time with members at Flanders.   Terry is a air traffic controller and enjoys gardening, fishing, and hiking.

Charles Shaw

Deacon - Education

Charles oversees our education programs at Flanders.   He and his wife Marvita have 8 grown children and lots of grandchildren.   Charles works as a manager in the security field and enjoys sports and spending time with family.

Rick Rogers

Deacon - Outside Maintenance

RIck oversees outside maintenance and finance.   He and his wife Cyndy have two grown children and several grandchildren.   Rick is retired from Jeep and his hobbies include sports and mowing.


Tom Angel

Deacon - Benevolence

Tom oversees our benevolence program.   He and his wife Joy have two grown children.  Tom is retired from Fed Ex and enjoys traveling and helping people in any way he can. 

Dave Rupert

Deacon - Inside Maintenance

Dave is one of our deacons of inside maintenance.   Dave and his wife Rhonda have two grown children.   Dave is a sales manager in the building industry. He enjoys working on his farm and camping.

Brian Stickley

Deacon - Inside Maintenance

Brian is one of our deacons of inside maintenance.  He and his wife Michelle have two grown children.   He is a financial advisor.   He enjoys sports, traveling and spending time with grandkids.

Wayne Martin

Deacon - Outreach

Wayne oversees our outreach program.   He and his wife Julie have two grown children.   He is a financial manager for a manufacturing company.   He enjoys golf, sports and traveling.